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Bee-utiful QAL {Block 11 - Bee Industrious}

Bee-utiful QAL {Block 11 - Bee Industrious}

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NOTE: This quilt-a-long has wrapped up. If you are looking for the full set of embroidery patterns and quilt assembly instructions, please visit the final post {here}.

When I first met my husband, one of the first things I learned about him was that he was a farm boy, through and through. He grew up on a small farm in rural Idaho. His first jobs were milking cows for neighbors' farms. And he LOVED tractors.

After being married for a considerable time period, you start to adopt your partner's likes and dislikes. Farm living has sort of become a way of life for us. And so have tractors. Our youngest child is not only the spitting image of his daddy when it comes to looks, but also when it comes to loves. And boy does that little boy love tractors.


As I stitched this block, Kent (my youngest son) quickly decided that this was HIS tractor block. Before I had pieced the entire quilt, I found myself repeatedly taking this block from him, and sadly, its even managed to get some grubby little fingerprints on it.

So, while you may not share my love for farm life or tractors, farms are typically filled with bees and I felt that a tractor was a necessary part of this quilt. I modeled this block after an old John Deere tractor, and chose the colors accordingly, but feel free to make it any brand of tractor you so desire (we actually have two vintage tractors here on our little farm - a 1959 Ford and a 1940's Allis Chalmers).


Download the pattern {here} and don't forget to share your finished block on social media. I can't wait to see your tractors! Use the hashtags #beeutifulQAL, #beeindustrious, and #summersewingcamp.

The next blocks will be released July 26 and 27. Until then, happy stitching!


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