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Stitch Pink Block 30

Stitch Pink Block 30

Written by: 
Carrie Nelson

And just like that, we're at the end.  Thirty blocks in thirty days. 

As for the name of this block, as soon as I tell you that the original name is Hen & Chicks, you'll figure out the rest. 

Moms.  I was blessed, my Mom was a truly special woman.  Like many of you, she battled cancer and health issues, and no matter what challenges she faced, she did so with grace, patience and strength.

Stitch Pink Block 30 Mother Hen

Block Instructions >> Block 30 - Mother Hen.

SP Block 30 Greg Jones

This is Greg's block - Greydogwoodstudio.  It's made with a wonderful mix of Corey Yoder's Holliberry and Fig Tree's Christmas Figs II.

SP Block 30 Red Velvet Quilts

Carrie's - redvelvetquilts - block made with Zen Chic's Just Red

And a couple of blocks from Susan - yardgrl60.

SP Block 30 Susan Ache

Susan's blocks are scrappy-scrappy, made with a mix of orange, green, charcoal and black.  They're wonderful, and we'll share her finished quilt soon - we'll share the quilts from all five of our amazing "stitchers".

We have one more pattern to share, the Final Assembly.  Two of our stitchers added a wrinkle.

If you've missed anything Stitch Pink - Stitch Pink Archive.

And here - if you haven't checked out #ModaStitchPink on Facebook and Instagram, there's plenty to see.

Stay well.

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