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BH4- Block 21- Janet Clare

BH4- Block 21- Janet Clare

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Lissa Alexander



Moda Blockheads 4 – Janet Clare ‘Shiny Bauble’

Today we welcome Janet Clare as she shares block 21 in the blockhead series. Janet is the most delightful designer; she always keeps us up to date with what is happening in the Royal Family. Janet is from the United Kingdom and certainly in the know. We always love seeing Janet at the quilt market and any new additions she has made to her Artist Apron.

Artist Apron

An expert from Janet's website about her apron. - I made my (first) Artisan Apron in 2012, and you can see from the middle picture below as time has gone on, I've added a lot of embroidered sayings and mottos such as 'she believed she could and so she did and badges and bits of lace and buttons. When I put on my apron in the morning, I feel creative, inspired, and ready for work. And when I take it off, I feel 'off duty,' which is a simply marvelous feeling. 

What would you add to your artist's apron?

 Janet with Bauble


Shiny Bauble block- Janet Clare


I must have been doodling blockhead ideas around Christmas time because this block certainly reminds me of a tree ornament!


I haven’t made mine in festive colours, though. Instead, I’ve used my favourite indigo and cream, which turned out to be a striking, unusual block! 

janet clare


You could really play with picking out certain elements of the block in different colours and tones to create secondary patterns.

janet Bauble blocks


                                         Shiny Bauble

to the sea

                     To The Sea fabric by Janet Clare

I chose to foundation piece mine, and I have a not-so-widely known method that my Mum taught me. Spoiler- we don’t use paper!

 foundation piecing


Check out the details on my blog. Or watch this video I created to share the process.


Foundation piecing allows you to create secondary designs and assures accuracy throughout. I can't wait to see your Bauble Blocks.

- Enjoy, 


Abby- Bauble


Another color option is this Bauble block made by Abby Ozment.


You can find Janet in the following places:



IG @janeteclare


FB @janetclaredesign


Pinterest https://www.pinterest.co.uk/janeteclare/_created/


Web www.janetclare.co.uk


Etsy https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/JanetClare



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