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BH3 Block 49 - X Marks The Spot

BH3 Block 49 - X Marks The Spot

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Carrie Nelson

X Marks The Spot.  Moda Lissa.  Quilter.  Author.  Director of Marketing.  Mom and "Izzy" to four grandkids. 

This is Lissa's block - it is Block 49 for Block Heads 3.

CT BH3 Block 49 X Marks The Spot Lissa

X Marks The Spot can be made in all four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12".  The instructions can be found on Lissa's blog - Moda Lissa.

CT BH3 Lissa Block 48\

Purpose is Block 48, and this is Lissa's version of Lisa's block.  (Say that three times fast.)

CT BH3 Lissa Block 47

Lissa's Block 47 - Brigitte's Where to Go.

CT BH3 Lissa Block 45

Songbird - Lissa's version of Betsy's Block 45.

CT BH3 Lissa Block 44

This is Lissa's version of Block 44, titled Community - Sherri McConnell's block. 

And Block 43 - Corey's Corner Delight

CT BH3 Lissa Block 43

The pink half-triangle squares are perfection - the best little accent to the color scheme.

CT BH3 Lissa's Blocks

Isn't this absolutely yummy?

If you've missed the link to X Marks The Spot, it can be found here - Moda Lissa Blog.

If you're missing any of the Block Heads 3 blocks - Block Heads 3 Archive.   (It is updated every Wednesday and Friday - blog link on Wednesday, pattern link on Friday.)

There is also a Block Heads 2 Archive.  

Have you been inspired by the designers' blocks?  They're beautiful and the variety of color palettes, scrappy mixes, and block variations has been a treat to see.

Be sure to check out the Block Heads Facebook Group and look for Block Heads 3 on Instagram - #modablockheads and #modablockheads3.

Stay well.  And stay safe.

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