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BH3 Block 48 - Purpose

BH3 Block 48 - Purpose

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Carrie Nelson

Lisa Bongean loves the process, and she never takes shortcuts.  The bigger the challenge, the more likely she is to tackle it, and conquer it.

When I first met Lisa at a Quilt Market years ago, she was reserved... like she was sizing me up.  My sense was that she thought I was a bit flaky, kind of a twit.  I didn't own a shop, and my approach to doing business was different than hers.  But over time, I learned that she was - still is - one of the most generous people in this industry, sharing her time, knowledge and experiences.  Her motivation comes from the belief that another person's success doesn't come at her expense, that everyone who works hard, has good ideas, and honors other people can succeed.

That makes Lisa quite special.  And someone I will always root for.

This is Purpose - it is Block 48.

CT BH3 Block 48 Lisa B Purpose

Purpose can be made in all four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12".  (For the 4" block, that means the HTSs on the outside finish at ½"... just saying.)  The instructions can be found on Lisa's blog - Lisa Bongean Blog.

CT BH3 Lisa Bongean Block 47

Lisa's 4" take on Block 47 - Brigitte's Where to Go.

CT BH3 Lisa Bongean Block 46

Lisa's pieced block alternate to Block 46 - Jan's appliqué block.  (Lisa's instructions are coming soon.)

CT BH3 Lisa Bongean Block 45

Songbird - Lisa's take on Betsy's Block 45.

CT BH3 Lisa Bongean Block 44

Block 44 is Community - Sherri McConnell's block.  Lisa made a 4" version.

One more thing to mention - have you read about "The Build?"  Lisa is building a new shop, warehouse and retreat center for Primitive Gatherings.

CT BH3 Lisa Bongean The Build

Forty-eight blocks done.  Eight more to go.  And just like that... it's almost done.

If you've missed the link to Purpose, it can be found here - Lisa Bongean Blog.

If you're missing any of the Block Heads 3 blocks - Block Heads 3 Archive.   (It is updated every Wednesday and Friday - blog link on Wednesday, pattern link on Friday.)

There is also a Block Heads 2 Archive.  

Have you been inspired by the designers' blocks?  They're beautiful and the variety of color palettes, scrappy mixes, and block variations has been a treat to see.

Be sure to check out the Block Heads Facebook Group and look for Block Heads 3 on Instagram - #modablockheads and #modablockheads3.

Stay well.  And stay safe.

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