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Betsy Chutchian

Betsy Chutchian

Betsy Chutchian developed a passionate interest in fabric, quilts, sewing and history as a child. After graduation from the University of Texas at Arlington in 1980, Betsy received an antique quilt top made by her paternal great-grandmother and great-aunt. It was then that she taught herself to quilt. Betsy began teaching for organizations and quilt shops 1990 and she continues to share her passion for quiltmaking and reproducing 19th Century quilts. She is the author of numerous books – her latest being Hope’s Journey - others include: Gone to Texas, Quilts from a Pioneer Woman’s Journal, Lizzie’s Legacy and Just Treats, No Tricks with Kansas City Star, and Classic and Heirloom Quilts with It’s Sew Emma. She also co-authored History Repeated, Block Exchange Quilts by the 19th Century Patchwork Divas and Treasury of Quilts. Betsy is also the co-founder of the 19th Century Patchwork Divas, a block exchange group dedicated to 1800’s reproduction fabric. Betsy’s passion for fabric, fabric study, and antique quilts has led her to design fabric with Moda – which isn’t far from Grand Prairie, Texas, where she lives with her husband Steve and a couple of cats.

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Style Collection Name Swatch Page JPG Images Free Pattern In Stores
Classic Goodnight Irene fcc_goodnight-irene.pdf jpg_goodnight-irene.zip 2025.01
Classic Lydias Lace fcc_lydias-lace.pdf jpg_lydias-lace.zip 2024.04
Classic Dinahs Delight fcc_dinahs-delight.pdf jpg_dinahs-delight.zip 2023.12
Classic Florence's Fancy fcc_florences-fancy.pdf jpg_florences-fancy.zip 2023.04
Classic Amelias Blues fcc_amelias-blues.pdf jpg_amelias-blues.zip 2022.10
Classic Kate's Garden Gate fcc_kates_garden_gate.pdf jpg_kates-garden-gate.zip 2022.04
Classic Mary Anns Gift fcc_mary-anns-gift.pdf jpg_mary-anns-gift.zip 2021.10
Classic Maria's Sky fcc_MariasSky_BetsyChutchian.pdf jpg_MariasSky_BetsyChutchian.zip 2021.04
Classic Elinores Endeavor fcc_elinores-endeavor.pdf jpg_elinores-endeavor.zip 2020.11
Style Nancys Needle 2020/fcc_nancys-needle.pdf 2020/jpg_nancys-needle.zip 2020.03
Style Sarahs Story 2019/fcc_sarahs-story.pdf 2019/jpg_sarahs-story.zip 2019/fp_fancy-parlor-quilt_0.pdf 2019.11
Classic Susannas Scraps 1830-1875 2019/fcc_susannas-scraps.pdf 2019/jpg_susannas-scraps.zip 2019.03
Classic Susanna's Scraps 1830-1875 2019/fcc_susannas-scraps.pdf 2019/jpg_susannas-scraps.zip 2019.03
Classic Harriets Handwork 1820-1840 2018/fcc_harriet's-handwork.pdf 2018/jpg_harriets-handwork.zip 2018.10
Classic Evelyn's Homestead 1880-1900 2018/fcc_evelyns-homestead.pdf 2018/jpg_evelyns-homestead.zip 2018.03
Classic Grace's Garden 2017/fcc_graces-garden.pdf 2017/jpg_graces-garden.zip 2017.10
Classic Rachel Remembered 2017/fcc_rachel-remembered.pdf 2017/jpg_rachel-remembered.zip 2017.04
Classic Hope's Journey 2016/fcc_hopes-journey.pdf 2016/jpg_hopes-journey.zip 2016.10
Classic Bramblewood 2016/fcc_bramblewood.pdf 2016/jpg_bramblewood.zip 2016.07
Classic Lizzies Legacy 2016/fcc_lizzys-legacy.pdf 2016/jpg_lizzies-legacy.zip 2016/fp_lizzies-legacy.pdf 2016.03
Classic Eliza's Indigo 2015/fcc_elizasindigo.pdf 2015/jpg_elizas-indigo.zip 2015/fp_elizas-indigo.pdf 2015.10