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Pinwheel Pals Quilt

Pinwheel Pals Quilt

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Hello, Bakers! I'm Alison from Little Bunny Quilts and today I am here sharing a baby quilt tutorial perfect for a layer cake -- because you can make two baby quilts out of just one layer cake! I'm working with Lily and Will Revisited so I made one pink quilt and one blue quilt. I love this fabric because it has bunnies included in some of the prints! I've written the directions such that the information needed for one quilt is given first and the information given for two quilts is given second in parenthesis: one quilt (two quilts). These quilts finish at 48 inches square so they are perfect for snuggling a new baby.


One Layer Cake of Lily and Will Revisited by Bunny Hill Designs
2 yards background fabric (4 yards background fabric)
1/2 yard fabric for binding (1 yard total for binding -- I used two different 1/2 yard cuts)
3 yards backing fabric (4.5 yards backing fabric)


From your background fabric cut the following:

28 (56) 5 inch squares

16 (32) 4 7/8 inch squares cut diagonally once for 32 (64) triangles

4 (8) 4.5 inch squares

2 (4) 2.5 inch x 16.5 inch strips

1 (2) 2.5 inch x WOF strip

4 (8) 3.5 inch x WOF strips


Choose 8 (16 total, 8 for each quilt) layer cake squares for your large triangles. Cut each square to 8 7/8 inches square and then cut diagonally once for a total of 16 (32) large triangles. Set aside. I chose the fabrics that were included twice in the layer cake so that all four spokes of one pinwheel will match.

Chose 7 (14 total, 7 for each quilt) layer cake squares for your half square triangle units. Cut each layer square into 4 - 5 inch squares for a total of 28 (56) 5 inch squares. Pair each print 5 inch square with a background 5 inch square to make half square triangles. Trim each half square triangle unit to 4.5 inches. Make a total of 56 (112) half square triangle units.

Choose 16 (32 total, 16 for each quilt) half square triangle units to be part of your pinwheel blocks. You will need 4 HSTs for each of your 4 pinwheel blocks - I chose to have my HSTs match within one block. To each of these HSTs, add two 4 7/8 inch triangles as shown below to make a larger triangle unit. Make 16 (32) large triangle units.

Pair your large triangles with your HST-triangle units to make 16 (32) double triangle units. These units should measure 8.5 inches square unfinished. Arrange 4 matching double triangle units into your pinwheel arrangement and sew together for a 16.5 inch block. Make 4 (8 total, 4 for each quilt) pinwheel blocks.

Lay out your pinwheel blocks and 2.5 inch wide sashing pieces as shown below. Sew into rows using your 2.5 inch x 16.5 inch sashing strips and then sew your rows together with the 2.5 inch x WOF strip. Trim ends of WOF strip after pressing.

Add 3.5 inch x WOF strips to each of the 4 sides, trimming off the excess from the WOF strips.

For your pieced border, sew together your remaining half square triangles into 4 strips of 10 half square triangles each (8 strips of 10 half square triangles each, 4 strips for each quilt). To 2 of the strips (4 of the strips, 2 for each quilt) add a 4.5 inch square to each end of the strips. Add the shorter strips to each side first, then add the longer strips second.

Quilt as desired and bind. I quilted each of my quilts slightly differently -- using loops and swirls in my pink quilt and using loops and meanders in my blue quilt.


These quilts finish at 48 inches square and are perfect for those times when you have an influx of new people in your life!

Alison Vermilya