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BH3 Block 53 - Bear Cubs Round the Campfire

BH3 Block 53 - Bear Cubs Round the Campfire

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Carrie Nelson

When Robin Pickens won the Spoonflower Design contest in 2016 and had the opportunity to design a collection for Moda, few expected so many spectacular collections would follow.  Though looking at Poppy Mae, how could they not? 

Today is Robin's fourth - and sadly, her last - block for Block Heads 3.  (Yes, this is drawing to a close.)

So Block 53.

CT BH3 Block 53 Bear Cubs Round The Cabin

It is Bear Cubs Round the Campfire, and it can be made in all four sizes - 4", 6", 8" and 12".  The instructions can be found on Robin's blog - Robin Pickens Blog.

CT BH3 Robin Pickens Blocks

Aren't these pretty?  These are some of Robin's Block Heads 3 blocks.  (Would she just hurry up and finish already?)

Here are a few of Robin's recent Block Heads blocks - she's making two sets of blocks, one with her prins, and one with "solids" from her Thatched collection.  (More on those in a moment.)

CT BH3 Robin Block 50

Night and Day - Block 50 - ala Robin.

CT BH3 Robin Block 49

Robin's X Marks The Spot is Block 49 by Lissa Alexander.

CT  BH3 Robin Block 48

Robin's Block 48 is Lisa Bongean's Purpose , and this is the Thatched version. 

Thatched!  They're a bit tonal, a bit linear, with the character of a hand-drawn line.  They're textural.  And subtle.  For when you want something other than a solid.  Thirty colors of Thatched arrived in shops in late 2019... and because more is always better, there are twenty new colors. 

CT BH3 Robin Thatched 2020

Thatched 2020

Robin used her Thatched collection to color a version of the Stitch Pink 2020 quilt I designed for Quilt Emporium in Southern California.

CT Robin Pickens Deep Blue Stitch Pink

Just in case you missed it, the link to Bear Cubs Round the Campfire can be found here - Robin Pickens Blog.

The first 52 blocks can be found here - Block Heads 3 Archive.   (It is updated every Wednesday and Friday - blog link on Wednesday, pattern link on Friday.)

If you missed Block Heads 2, all the blocks can be found here - Block Heads 2 Archive.  

Have you been inspired by the designers' blocks?  They're beautiful and the variety of color palettes, scrappy mixes, and block variations has been a treat to see.

Be sure to check out the Block Heads Facebook Group and look for Block Heads 3 on Instagram - #modablockheads and #modablockheads3.

Stay well.  And stay safe.

Only three more blocks. 

(And blog posts... does anybody actually read these?)

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