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On the 6th Day of Christmas

On the 6th Day of Christmas

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We can't believe WE didn't come up with this idea! 
How many times have you walked into a quilt shop to find that ONE extra piece of fabric to complete your project?  "Well, it is blue... and has a light blue scrolly design going through it. It's by Fig Tree! No, no it's by Cotton Blossom. Or is it? "

We are all victims of this and now Swatch Buddies have come to the rescue! 
 They provide everything you need to make & label your fabric swatches. That way when you go to your quilt shop for that last little bit of fabric, you can show them exactly which one it is. 
Swatch Buddies Labels go on the back of your swatch and include:
Store (where you purchased it)

Swatch Buddies come in a variety of sizes...
12 count, 24 count, 48 count and even a 
100 count package for the Fabric FANATICS out there (i know there aren't many of you out there)! 

They have also come out with a Refill Kit for when you run out of cards. 

This video shows you how simple Swatch Buddies are to use.  

We think this would be a splendid stocking stuffer!

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